Californians weigh in on new law

Californians weigh in on new law

Summary: California's hands-free cell phone law is set to take effect Tuesday. On the eve of the change, CNET's Holly Jackson took tothe streets of San Francisco to see how consumers feel about the new legislation. Will it make them feel safer on the road?

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility, Wi-Fi

Topics: Hardware, Mobility, Wi-Fi

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  • Handsfree kits and driving

    In Britain the use of hand-held mobile phones has been illegal for almost 5 years. The law is barely enforced and thre are still plenty of people who disregard it.

    To be honest I suspect our over-reliance on law enforcement technology, such as speed cameras, is the major culprit. Driving standards are falling all the time as the roads get more and more congested and the police priority is to keep traffic moving.
  • RE: Californians weigh in on new law

    If the rule is to be "hands free" it's okay as long as cops, fire, truckers, public service workers are held to same standards.
  • RE: Californians weigh in on new law

    The problem is not hands-free or not. The problem is the distraction of talking on the phone while trying to drive. They should have banned cell phone usage, period.
  • RE: Californians weigh in on new law

    Hold, I mean, unhand, the phone, these are interviews
    prior to the law's taking effect, which was July 1, I believe.

    I mean, great for Ms. Jackson, now back at school, that her
    feature got used, and there's a Microsoft ad to really make
    this profitable, but, dudes, I think the news hook on this
    one expired. You didn't even re-edit the tag about the law
    taking effect on July 1.

    (I was looking in to see the comments now that it's been
    two months. This Californian has seen quite a few people
    parked and conversing, which mean folks are taking it

    About the ad, huh?
  • RE: Californians weigh in on new law

    The problem with cell phone use while driving isn't the fact you're holding it - you're distracted whether you're holding it or not, so "hands-free" is just a way to let the public think the politicians are actually doing something to improve highway safety. Will they ban CB radios in Semis? Police car radios?