Can Apple hear Verizon now?

Can Apple hear Verizon now?

Summary: ZDNet Senior Editor Sam Diaz talks about the rumors circulating that Apple is in negotiations with U.S. wireless providers other than the exclusive carrier of its iPhone, AT&T. Diaz says Apple can't ignore the money that could potentially come from Verizon Wireless' pool of roughly 86 million customers.


Topics: Apple, Banking, Government, Mobility, Verizon, Wi-Fi

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  • Verizon and IPhone

    I have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years (back to LA Cellular days). I have 4 cell phone accounts and do not want to change to AT&T. But I have been wanting an IPhone since the came out and have been hoping for this to happen. I will probably be one of the first customers to buy one as soon as an agreement with Verizon can be made! I know I am only one of many.
    • Same here

      Like I've been a customer of Verizon since The LA Cellular days as well and while I've been temped to switch to AT&T just to get an iPhone, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I also have 4 phones (wife, son, daughter and myself) on Verizon. I know I would be one of the first to buy an iPhone if Verizon and Apple made a deal. It would be a dream come true. I knew that once the exclusivity contract with AT&T expired there was a chance it could be offered to other carriers and I'm hoping this happens with Verizon first. Yes, I've been patient, so I hope it happens!
  • RE: Can Apple hear Verizon now?

    This is a no brainer. I am also a Verizon customer. I've been
    holding onto an old phone, waiting for the iPhone to break
    free of AT&T. I too would buy an iPhone if I could use it on

    I look forward to the day when American wireless providers
    have to compete like the ones in Europe, where you can by
    one phone and just swap cards to move from one provider to
  • RE: Can Apple hear Verizon now?

    I wouldn't give two cents to Apple. They made the choice to be exclusive with AT&T. Most other cell phone manufacturers make devices for ALL the major cell providers.
    I'll stick with by Blackberry. It may not have all the apps but it does what I need it for.
    Apple picked a poor provider as I have seen a friend have no bars in a major metro area when I have three.
  • Reason Why Apple Went w/ATT

    I was told from several Verizon insiders this...Apple had originally 1st proposed going with Verizon all along, but Apple tried to dictact how much profit they kept from the apps that get downloaded: 75% for Apple. Verizon told them noway they would only receive 25% of the profits as it was going to cost a lot of $$ to maintain and update the network, as well as the bottlenecks it creates from all the bandwidth it goggles up (and not at the expense of hurting business data customers). Apple went to ATT instead, not considering long term the effects it would have since the ATT data network is nowhere as fast and bigger nationwide than Verizons. There lies the problem people have...the ATT network can't handle it and since they aren't making much money on it, it's actually costing them $$ with network maintenance. Don't expect the iPhone on Verizon unless Apple is more flexible around the negotiating table.
  • RE: Can Apple hear Verizon now?

    y aren't people willing to change to AT&T??

    Verizon's technology isn't useful AROUND THE WORLD
    and even if Verizon is the largest in USA

    soo.. people should just switch to AT&T with over-roll
    and etc.
    it's a better deal
  • What ever happened to Tmobile?

    Thought I read that Apple signed Tmobile in Germany as the carrier of choice. Was hoping that meant that Tmobile here in the states was going to get it.

    DANG YOU APPLE!!!! <shaking fist>