Counting carbon to find bottom-line benefits

Counting carbon to find bottom-line benefits

Summary: What could your business do better? At the Greentech Media and Groom Energy, Enterprise Carbon Accounting Summit in Burlingame, Calif., panelists explain what "The Climate Registry" is, and how business leaders can benefit from carbon accountability. Panelists include: James Sullivan, former director of the EPA Climate Leaders Program and current vice president of Clear Standards; Elise Zoli, partner and chair of energy practice at Goodwin Procter; and Tyman Lodder, western regional director of The Climate Registry.


Topics: Emerging Tech, CXO, IT Employment

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  • global warming and carbon, the Big Lie.

    man made global warming is a lie.

    the solution these liars always want is more goverment.

    800 years ago the planet was warmer that it is now.

    5,000 years ago the Columbia Ice Sheet was not present.

    global warming / climate change, the new religion of the communist/socialist movement.
  • RE: Counting carbon to find bottom-line benefits

    Way to rip off people with unmanageable, esoteric schemes and way to extend the perception of elitism toward 'pollution' reduction as well as sustainability.
    The environmental leaders may not necessarily be scientists but they should be.
  • Greenwash for profit

    that's the alarm I hear ringing