CSI Stick grabs data from cell phones

CSI Stick grabs data from cell phones

Summary: New device from Paraben works like a USB stick and could be used by law enforcement, thieves, or parents to snoop on the cell phone activities of anyone who leaves their phone unattended.


Topics: Mobility, Data Centers, Government US, Hardware, Security, Telcos

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  • Bait and Switch

    Why is it that in both IE and Firefox the advert before the video always works, but the video never loads? Is this behavior intentional? Is all the video content just a scam to get us to watch your sponsors' ads?
  • They wrote the page wrong.

    so much for automatic tools.
  • RE: CSI Stick grabs data from cell phones

    I got one for my kids, and it recovers everything - pictures, texts, calls, etc. Got it here: http://www.proofpronto.com/cell-phone-investigator-package.html