Defense Dept. targets Silicon Valley with new IT Exchange Program

Defense Dept. targets Silicon Valley with new IT Exchange Program

Summary: At the RSA 2011 Conference, Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn talks about a new pilot program that will make it easier for government and the technology industry to work together in the future. Lynn says through the new plan, the Defense Department will be able to incorporate more commercial practices while at the same time technology professionals can learn about the challenges facing the Defense Department.


Topics: CXO, Government, Government US

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  • MIC

    Calling for rurther integration of the Military-Industrial Complex. Just great. As if they don't already have the most advanced technology. As if they aren't already in bed with the largest tech companies. As if they aren't funding startups like Google and Facebook through their front companies. As if we aren't giving away our military technology to China and Israel and other war mongers.
  • RE: Defense Dept. targets Silicon Valley with new IT Exchange Program

    It's all about keeping the latest tech inline with the goals of the emerging UN controlled NWO so they can have embedded "backdoor" access control in place before any emerging tech is released en'mass to the general public.

    The "smart" planet as well as the Environmentalist religion of "green" is nothing more than total real-time sensory awareness between virtually everything (people, animals, appliances, machinery, consumer products, natural earth matter, etc) on the planet, to be manipulated via a global database.

    The NWO is a New Age / Socialist form of world governance to enact a globalized system that is untied under a umbrella of man/machine/spiritual unity. It's the ultimate goal of the Illuminati to purposely impose their Luciferic doctrine on the global population, and all who is to be a part (federated citizen) within it, will have to swear an oath to Lucifer and receive their implanted Metatronic seal of Maitreya loyalty! (RFID implants in the forehead or right hand).........