Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

Summary: At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Dell's Dave Zavelson shows off the company's new 10-inch Windows 7 tablet. Its standout feature is the ability to open up the case, flip the screen, and then convert it into a laptop design. The tablet will be available later this year.


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  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    i'm thinking this is just another crappy product from dell. hopefully it will spur more similar items that are better executed, but come on, it's really slow, and he couldn't get a feature to work.
    • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

      Dell does make crap for sure.. but this was ridiculous.. even if they improve performance.. first impression makes or brakes the deal.
    • I'm looking for Toshiba & Sony to Come up with better tablets.

      @juicyfruit531 Toshiba already has their own tablet laptops and HP makes touchscreen pcs. So hopefully, the Ipad will be revealed for what it is a closed architecture overpriced toy for rich college students!
      Gandalf The Grey
  • At least Dell's trying

    OK maybe the glitch was with the WIFI. That I can accept. But I did think the Touch screen seemed less then perfect for inputing things. The guy second guessed his inputs a few times because the tablet was so slow. I have to say this is the same issues with netbooks. They are simply not powerful enough for a full OS. That is why Apple choose the IOS4 platform. Any of these devices will be slow. But they may be easier to hack then a iPad. If that's any consolation.
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    How could they let this go out? Truly embarrassing. If anyone doubted Windows 7 for such a device, this should verify it. I saw a similar device in a shop in Asia and it was if anything worse. No hope for this now!
  • iPad

    It's the long-awaited iPad killer! First we thought it was some vaporware from ASUS, and then there was that mouthware from Samsung, but now we have an engineering model at a developer's conference from Dell! The iPad is surely dead! Long die the iPad!
    Robert Hahn
  • I am underwhelmed.

    It took a VP to pimp this thing? They are certainly running scared!

    This is probably just another of DELL's garbage products. WHY, OHH, WHY would present this, even if it were a prototype, to the public. What's the rush, trying to catch up with the fkn iPad? Well you are never gonna archive that if you keep moving like a "sloth monkey". Common DELL, have you ever hared of "testing". I'm sure you have. WELL, LEARN TO DO IT!!<br><br>Way the go DELL, just another piece of crap for Apple fan-boys to laugh at and criticize innocent MS Windows 7 about, lol.
  • crappy and horrible

    this is a nightmare! is this happening????
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    Why is Dell still in business? Why do people keep buying them? Is it hot in here, and where am I going in this handbasket?
    Roc Riz
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    Utterly awful.<br>Providing a slow CPU or badly made slow software when we've seen the smoothness of the iPad is just DELL missing the point of the user experience. We've put up with slow jerky GUIs for decades and yet Apple has shown us a better path.<br>Wake up Intel. <br>It's not just about the hardware - it's the OS behind it.
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    I like it, but with a 3hr battery life, it doesn't compete with anything and going nowhere.
  • Did you see the video &quot;goof&quot; by the Dell representative?


    Play the video.

    Watch him swipe the globe three times trying to turn it!

    Dell is crap.

    They don't even let you "buy" O/S recovery DVD's.
    In fairness, HP is not much better.

    Dont buy garbage, like Dell or HP!
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    This is what I call a perfect travelling companion for either leisure or business. If the price is right.
    Why buy an expensive Apple brand? If it is stolen/loss, will hurts your bank account.
  • RE: Dell unveils convertible Windows 7 tablet

    Dell rep goes " Oh sh*t why is it so slow.. hope no one notices .. here I'll swipe it again.. oh it's finally responded... PHEW thot it was gonna BSOD on me .. cant believe we're going to market with this"

    <strong>IRRESPONSIVE TOUCH SCREEN</strong>