Did WikiLeaks stand a chance?

Did WikiLeaks stand a chance?

Summary: At a Churchill Club event debating the importance of WikiLeaks in Santa Clara, Peter Thiel, Co-founder of Paypal, talks about the difficulty private companies face when defending public interests. Thiel argues that vague laws grant the government excessive powers against companies and individuals and therefore need to be clarified.


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  • Paypal

    I don't trust paypal. Their services are not good enough for me and what they did in the case of wikileaks was despicable.
    • RE: Did WikiLeaks stand a chance?

      @magachet They have a monetary interest, and I don't blame them. Hindsight it was the best descition to make.
    • RE: Did WikiLeaks stand a chance?

      I completely agree what paypal did re wikilweaks was despicable. Whats to stop them from doing the same to anyone else regardless for ligitimacy.
  • RE: PayPal & eBay

    It is important to remember, that these corporate cousins are private businesses, that act in the best interests of their <b>stockholders.</b>

    Also remember that both are known to act capriciously when it comes to customer accounts.

    <i>It is <b>their sandbox</b>, and to play, you must be willing to play <b>by their rules, <u>or do not play at all</u>.</b></i>
  • RE: Did WikiLeaks stand a chance?

    Is Wikileaks a leveling event? It has done nothing so far to 'level' the pay between a CEO of a large company and the pay of their average staff.

    Most folks have been yawning about the wikileak data.
  • RE: Did WikiLeaks stand a chance?

    Companies truly need to think out these issues in advance. Paypal has lots of interests to balance, as do other brands impacted by Wikileaks: http://merriamassociates.com/2011/01/brands-fight-wikipanic-by-being-wikiready/
  • Blacklist PayPal

    I have put PayPal, Amazon and Visa on my black list. Pity as they all provide useful services. Though my blacklist is not rigid - sometimes there is no other way to pay, eg, for an eBay item.