Do teenagers hate Facebook?

Do teenagers hate Facebook?

Summary: At the Summit at Stanford, sponsored by AlwaysOn & STVP, AlwaysOn founder Tony Perkins talks to "You Are Not a Gadget" author Jaron Lanier about Facebook, and why teenagers may start shunning the social-media platform.


Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • RE: Do teenagers hate Facebook?

    Wow, a very interesting insight indeed!
  • RE: Do teenagers hate Facebook?

    This guy is lost!
  • RE: Do teenagers hate Facebook?

    Where did Dreadlocks get his data to back up his therories? I'll bet from his avatar on Second Life in the shopping mall...
    Tech Wannabe
  • RE: Do teenagers hate Facebook?

    Facebook is looking glass into the security of your life and your computer. Beware.
  • RE: Do teenagers hate Facebook?

    toupe;throwup shirt and dreadlocks. Do any of these guys have a mirror, or a wife?
  • Where he misses

    Three things come to mind that make me think that this gentleman isn't as iron-clad an authority as he says...

    1.) up and coming users have almost been conditioned to desire "inverted privacy" - location services broadcast where we are and presumably what we're doing, and the up-and-comings are going to have to be taught the value of keeping that information private.

    2.) Let's replace his statement of "what? you don't have a facebook?" with someone not having a telephone and see how people in their 50's would react. Heck, go back in time and say that to virtually anybody on the street 25 years ago, regardless of age. Odds are, they'd all say "what? you don't have a telephone?". Facebook is an extremely common method of communication. When people are in a substantial minority in the perception of the other party, it will come as a surprise. This has nothing to do with Facebook.

    3.) Teens will resist when ADULTS tell them to do stuff. Teens will, however, cave rather easily when other teens encourage them to do something. It's called peer pressure, and there's a huge difference between the two of them.

  • Jaron L.

    Sorry that this is off-topic, but was Jaron always that heavy? I've never seen video of him before, so I have no idea. No disrespect intended... he and Douglas Rushkoff were at one time quite the Internet celebrity.