Facebook debuts video calling

Facebook debuts video calling

Summary: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces a new Skype-powered video-calling feature that will begin rolling out to Facebook users immediately. Video connections will be nearly instant, with no downloads or technical expertise required, Zuckerberg says.Facebook Video Calling vs. Google+ HangoutsFacebook tries to box in Google+ as so five years agoFacebook announces video calling, powered by Skype


Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • What is the tech?

    Flash? HTML5? Silverlight? Java? Something proprietary?
    x I'm tc
  • RE: Facebook debuts video calling

    So, where did Mark steal this idea from?<br>Lemme see....

    Just joking...
    The Douginator
  • RE: Facebook debuts video calling

    I like the little mouse icon that stays in the center of the video the entire time.. <img border="0" src="http://www.cnet.com/i/mb/emoticons/happy.gif" alt="happy"> Haha<br><br>Sounds like fun though. <br><br>Are they going to integrate this into the Facebook apps for phone with front facing cameras?
    • RE: Facebook debuts video calling

      Also Google+ already has something similar to this called a "hangout"
  • RE: Facebook debuts video calling

    it isn't a new innovation, but it's just a new feature for Facebook which we can find on lot of communication web site.....
  • RE: Facebook debuts video calling

    it will nice tussle to see on Facebook and Google+

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  • RE: Facebook debuts video calling

    Come on we are in 2011, there's absolutely nothing new in video chat, it has been around forever by now...

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  • RE: Facebook debuts video calling

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