Fill your car for $1.10 a gallon?

Fill your car for $1.10 a gallon?

Summary: Menlo Park, Calif.'s ZeaChem has come up with a way to turn wood chips into ethanol that will sell for around $1.10 a gallon or less when it comes out in 2010. Brewing and petrochemical technology go into the mix. Editor at Large Michael Kanellos talks with founder Dan Verser and CEO James Imbler about their plans for cheap fuel.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • The micro-organisms he'd talking about...

    ...the ones found in termite guts...can digest cellulose. I find it interesting that they (apparently) have not been studied before for this purpose. Why?

    The digestive tracts of ruminants have similar organisms. A cow is, in a sense, a huge termite.
  • RE: Fill your car for $1.10 a gallon?

    The article does not state how much energy is required to produce the ethanol in this fashion. There has been some criticism in the past of corn based ethanol taking more energy to produce the ethanol than is gained by using it as a fuel substitute.