Google announces open-source video format WebM

Google announces open-source video format WebM

Summary: At Google I/O in San Francisco, Google's Vic Gundotra unveils a new royalty-free video format called WebM. Google has partnered with software developers Mozilla and Opera to support the encoding technology in their browsers. The format is based on the VP8 technology that Google acquired from On2 Technologies in February.

TOPICS: Google, Open Source

Topics: Google, Open Source

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  • I hope this takes off!

    I'm excited about this new WebM format. I only hope it takes off.
  • This is not merely "do no evil" ....

    This is, as a presenter said, a fundamental move towards open standards. If it takes off, it means the end of all those "secret-sauce", spyware-riddled, and greedy, license-limited protocols with ridiculous standards.

    Video should be like words: If it's your original creation, then the choice of licensing terms should be up to *YOU* -- Not some cabal of greedy corporations.

    I hope this implies the beginning of the end for Flash, WMV, DivX, mpeg-x, and all those licensed for money and *NASTY* terms-of-use protocols. Bravo, Google!
    Rick S._z
  • RE: Google announces open-source video format WebM

    Not exactly new news, but this seems to be a good place to place a link regarding the evils of mpeg: