Google CEO touts always-on computing

Google CEO touts always-on computing

Summary: At the Google I/O developer's conference in San Francisco, Calif., company CEO Eric Schmidt shares his vision for a new computing paradigm. In his keynote, Schmidt says "this is the beginning of the real win of cloud computing, of applications."


Topics: CXO, Cloud, Google, Hardware, Virtualization

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  • "It just works"

    Sheesh, this sounds like the same pie-in-the-sky stuff we've been hearing since the first personal computers came out in the early 1980s (if you're old enough to remember those days). We can't even get all Web browsers to present content in a consistent manner. Heck, we can't even get the same Web browser ported to different hardware and operating systems to present content in a consistent manner! (Never mind, Microsoft, 'cuz your browser is only available for one set of hardware and one operating system.) Always-on computing? The Internet may be on 24 hours per day, but the computer that connects to it still takes several minutes to start up, depending on hardware speed and operating system choice. When someone comes up with a machine that supports 500 GB of nonvolatile solid-state memory that allows me to switch the computer on and off as simply as an incandescent bulb, [i]then[/i] I'll believe in always-on computing.
    Tony R.
  • RE: Google CEO touts always-on computing

    the other it worth doing!?

    spam is 40% of all email on Twitter is
    ramping up

    the free market approach will be interesting to observe
  • One ring

    "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." -Token Ring- ;-)

    Microsoft tried and currently they miss the last ring (but they are in a hurry to find it).

    Google instead have the key ring and miss the rest of ring.

    Google is just a newcomer and think that can change the paradigm just babling a lot about this matter.

    Sorry but Google is neither MS, or Sun, or Apple since they aren't touched the hearth of the developer and instead they are amusing the masses.

  • RE: Google CEO touts always-on computing

    We have always on computing right now. It's just called a cell phone nowadays.
  • Flash is crap

    If I was stupid enough to install that Flash crap, I could watch your video and give an opinion but, I ain't stupid.
    • Try it on Linux

      I have the Mozilla SeaMonkey browser running on Ubuntu Linux, with Adobe's Flash Player 10 for Linux. Flash manages to crash SeaMonkey fairly regularly, but at least the operating system keeps chugging along. You're right, though -- Flash [i]is[/i] crap.
      Tony R.