Google makes TV smarter

Google makes TV smarter

Summary: At Google I/O in San Francisco, Google executive Rishi Chandra demos the company’s new TV platform, which integrates traditional television with Web features. Running on Android, the platform lets users search for shows on TV or watch on-demand video content through the Web.


Topics: Hardware, Data Centers, Google, Mobility

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  • RE: Google makes TV smarter

    I often wandered how come Microsoft didnt pursue this

    Remember WebTV--(my first computer) Concept seems
    simple enough here- nothing technically ground breaking
    just shortcut search box stuff.

    Maybe Microsoft got too caught up in Vista

    • RE: Google makes TV smarter

      Microsoft has media center which in theory can do everything a whole rack of equipment can do but it does require some tech ability to set up. I have one and use it to watch cable, OTA, ripped DVD's, BluRay, various streamed content and even streamed netflix. Under Win7 I would say it's 99%+ reliable. Of course it also functions as a DVR. The program schedule is downloaded daily.

      You can put one together for about $500 (w/o tuner) and with power consumption of 30W.

      The downside is that of the various subscriber signal providers (Cable, DirectTV, DishNetwork etc.) only Cable currently works with media center. Some of the others comitted but then dropped out.

      I don't work for MS but Media Center is great product IMO. No monthly fees whatsoever.
  • RE: Google makes TV smarter

    I don't Google to find what to watch. I know exactly where my content is trapped. On my cable DVR. Stream that same list of programs or or find that same list for free over the Internet and we can talk.