Google reveals first Chromebooks

Google reveals first Chromebooks

Summary: At the company’s developers conference in San Francisco, Google's Sundar Pichai announces the first Chromebook laptops. Samsung and Acer will each be offering machines starting June 15. The Samsung Chromebook will cost $429 for the Wi-Fi only version and $499 for the 3G version. Acer's Wi-Fi only Chromebook will cost $349.


Topics: Mobility, Google, Hardware, Networking, Samsung, Wi-Fi

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  • Still an Atom processor?

    I miss the iopener days where I could hack it for $99. at $499, it is just simply too cost-prohibitive to hack.
    Your Non Advocate
  • RE: Google reveals first Chromebooks

    Never gonna buy such device as it lacks tonnes of features compared to my current HP PC :p, plus, after reading <a href="">this</a> clearly detailed article, I don't see this Strategy being successful atall, especially with a spy in the past ;)
  • RE: Google reveals first Chromebooks

    I like it - The Smart Mouth Mobile application will be available on the Chromebook in a few days and it will allow you to use the ChromeBook to make and receive unlimited phone calls internationally for under $20 a year!