Greening IT beyond the data center

Greening IT beyond the data center

Summary: At the Business Goes Green conference in San Jose, Calif., on June 6, Christopher Mines, senior vice president of Forrester Research, talks about strategies managers can use to green IT in areas of an organization outside the data center. Mines discusses ideas such as implementing telecommuting initiatives, deploying video conferencing systems, and setting up training programs to educate employees on going green.


Topics: Data Centers, CXO, Hardware, Storage, IT Employment

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  • Greening IT beyond the data center

    Caring for the environment and implementing a green
    strategy is an important part of ControlCircle's corporate

    In today's world, companies are under increasing pressure
    to meet their responsibilities especially since the recently
    amended companies act, which lays out new legal
    requirements for a company's environmental

    With the help from 'Carbon Smart' and 'Trees for Cities',
    ControlCircle has designed, developed and implemented a
    green strategy. Why? Because having a sustainable
    business is the only way think in today?s increasingly
    interdependent world.
  • Green, the new big lie.

    yup, more and more big lie about global warming.

    carbon dioxide is NOT pollution.

    global warming may or may not be happening, but it was warmer 800 years agao that it is now, the Earth is still recovering from "The Little Ice Age" and it may take another 100 years before temps are what they were when it started.

    but the big lie is being shoved at us all from all diretions. wonder why? look at al-gore's bank accounts and you'll see the reason.

    conserving energy and resources is not the issue, that has always been the best way to live, but using lies to convince people, when after the lies are discovered will simply put people off on the whole point of the excersice.