Guy Kawasaki: How to 'enchant' users

Guy Kawasaki: How to 'enchant' users

Summary: At a Churchill Club event in Mountain View, Calif., author and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki shares some tips from his new book, "Enchantment," on how to get users excited about a product. His three pillars of enchantment for business include: likability, trustworthiness, and a great cause. He says that right now marketers are focused on engagement, and he wants to change the conversation to enchantment.

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  • RE: Guy Kawasaki: How to 'enchant' users

    What a joke, he's talking about likability and trustworthiness. Is there anything new in this book at all? Just watching the first minutes of this clip turns me off completely. Oh but he came up with an acronym, oh please.
    • RE: Guy Kawasaki: How to 'enchant' users

      c'mon now... did u truly expect somethg novel? its always repackaging and presentation... thats the shelf-help game. for some they understand it better when presented a diff way...packaged a diff way...
  • RE: Guy Kawasaki: How to 'enchant' users

    ZDNet needs to offer a non-Flash method of watching these videos. I use my iPad for this kind of material and I'm at the point where I'm going to stop visiting ZDNet altogether if I'm frustrated every time when it tells me to upgrade my Flash player.
    • RE: Guy Kawasaki: How to 'enchant' users

      Get a normal device that works with Flash. Not something that the control freak Steve Jobs tells you to get.
    • RE: Guy Kawasaki: How to 'enchant' users

      @Remiss63 ZDNet doesn't "need" to do anything. Maybe you "need" to use a different device!
      Joe Davola
  • RE: Guy Kawasaki: How to 'enchant' users

    tired of looking at this gooney looking fuddknuckle