Homeland security secretary outlines latest online efforts

Homeland security secretary outlines latest online efforts

Summary: At the RSA Conference in San Francisco, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano discusses three efforts underway to ensure the security of the nation's cyberinfrastructure. This includes the development of National Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan, which will facilitate a coordinated response to cyberthreats from the federal government, local city and state governments, as well as the private sector


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  • cyber insecurity

    This is one evil, or maybe just really stupid bitch. But I'm leaning towards evil.
  • Yippe !

    The US Govt has done such a nice job with our borders and physical costal defenses. I can hardly wait until they increase their cyber security.

    They are seeking the brightest minds to work for them.....as long as you are a communist, a drone, and follow orders without thinking !

    Janet knows all the buzz words...that teleprompter sure is useful. She does not understand a word she is saying ! There's a lot of that these days in Washington. There's crackers in Russia and China rolling on the ground laughing right now.

    Beware folks.....big brother is increasing the monitoring of your Internet activities....this has nothing to do with Cybersecurity !