IBM: Linux in 2018?

IBM: Linux in 2018?

Summary: At the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco, IBM executive Bob Sutor talks about what a desktop will mean in the future, saying it will focus more on mobile devices like iPhones and collaborations across platforms. He then calls for better graphics designers in the open-source world to make them easier to use.


Topics: Linux, Hardware, IBM, Open Source, Operating Systems, Software

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  • Yes - Open Source needs good graphics!...AMEN - nt

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    I'm looking forward to an article on exactly what has changed in this version. The last version I installed and tried was over a year ago and I still ended up going back to Windows and OS X (for music). I keep hoping Linux will become a compelling platform because I feel trapped by my dependence on a rip-off company I don't like - Microsoft.
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