'In the Plex' author on what makes Google tick

'In the Plex' author on what makes Google tick

Summary: At CBS Interactive's San Francisco headquarters, Steven Levy, author of "In the Plex," discusses the notion that Google runs with a degree of chaos. But he says there's also a coherence at the company, which, at its core, he believes is a combination of things, including a technology company, an artificial intelligence company, and an Internet company.

TOPICS: Google, Browser

Topics: Google, Browser

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  • RE: 'In the Plex' author on what makes Google tick

    Interesting, very interesting. Chaos is not well understood. Assumptions are made as in a closed system, one of the top assumptions made however its for the most part no so good to assume for real world but made to simplify for solution. Chaos is not in its self bad or any such value or judgment be placed upon it. Order is not just imposed sometimes its found in what was considered "chaotic". Does anyone understand what I am trying to say? This chaos is actually a freedom of action that enhances Google not a criticism in a negative sense. I wonder if some of this is due an internal proprietary frame of the use of AI?