iPhone 3G S launch in New York City

iPhone 3G S launch in New York City

Summary: Maggie Reardon from CNET News speaks with the first person in line at the release of Apple's iPhone 3G S.

TOPICS: iPhone, Mobility

Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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  • 3G S - What is that then?

    I know there is a 3GS but not this one.
    The 'G-Man.'
  • Uninformed reporter and report

    Zdnet seemingly woke the reporter out of bed
    and dumped her at the Apple store; no
    preparation and too giddy.

    She reported the wrong analysis of the
    continually wrong analysts most of whom said
    that it would sell up to half million. How wrong
    they and she were. Why? Because she and they
    did not take into acct. pre-orders, ignorantly or
    maliciously leaving out this stat. It turned out
    that Apple sold way more. Therefore, ZD should
    do a video of how wrong it was to wrongly leave
    out how wrong she and the analysts were.