iPhone satisfaction not guaranteed

iPhone satisfaction not guaranteed

Summary: Faced with the difficult decision of which smartphone to buy, Senior Editor Sam Diaz explains to ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das what happened when he hopped on the iPhone bandwagon. Diaz reveals which phone he's sporting now (and why), and also shares his cardinal rule for cell phone shopping.


Topics: Hardware, iPhone, Mobility, Networking, Smartphones, Telcos, Wi-Fi

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  • Consider the Samsung Omnia

    As Sam advised, shop the service and plan. Verizon consistently rates better than AT&T per Consumer Reports and more importantly works for me.

    With Verizon as my provider, I had to overcome iPod envy and got the Storm. Returned the dog within 30 days and went with the Samsung Omnia as my replacement. The Omnia DOES have Wi-Fi, plus FM, plus a better camera than the Storm. The Omnia doesn't support Lotus Notes which means I won't be able to get work e-mail on my Omnia. And that's a good thing!! :-)

  • RE: iPhone satisfaction not guaranteed

    Can you make the act of giving a negative opinion about an Apple product any more ridiculous? Is this professional unbiased journalism or influenced one? You might as well formally apologize to the Apple community the fact that you are saying something bad about an Apple product. Oh, and by the way: next time, maybe it would be interesting to choose an unbiased and professional correspondent to "interview" the editor giving his opinion, instead of an Apple employee advertizing the iPhone.
    Regarding the subject matter itself (iPhone vs. other smartphones), I would say anyone who has ever tried the Nokia N96, or any RIM BlackBerry or Windows Mobile 6 smartphone and is unbiased knows there are better smartphones than the iPhone.
  • RE: iPhone satisfaction not guaranteed

  • RE: iPhone satisfaction not guaranteed

    Had the Omnia for a month now. Cool to surf the net while the wife shops at Macy's. Learning to use the touch keyboard is tough on big fingers, but the transcriber works for me. The best feature ~ the camera reall rocks. 5 MP and digital zoom! I had Verizon, best service in my area; so it was an easy decision.
  • Good Advice

    Due to AT&T's exaggerated 3G coverage map and it's painfully slow EDGE network, the 30-day return policy is essential.

    I went with the iPhone because I wanted a better web experience on a mobile device. While the iPhone is more than capable of meeting my needs, my local AT&T data network is not.

    Take it for a thorough test drive and think long and hard about whether the network performance in your area is worth the additional $30 a month.

    If you find yourself caught up in the iPhone's reality distortion field, just remember that the iPod Touch has most of the iPhone's features (plus more storage) without the monthly bill.
  • Why the lock in

    In Australia, the carrier lock-in is fortunately illegal.

    So in Australia if you have an iPhone - you choose the
    carrier, not the other way around.

    Poor Sam!