iPod Nano gets new features

iPod Nano gets new features

Summary: At Apple's headquarters, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, Philip Schiller, unveils new iPod Nano features, including a new multitouch icon screen, new sensors for runners, and the ability to wear the device as a watch. The Nano comes in 7 colors, in an 8GB version for $129 and a 16GB version for $149.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

Topics: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

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  • RE: iPod Nano gets new features

    Where is the video????????????????????????????????????????
  • RE: iPod Nano gets new features

    I for one liked the old design with the big screen and click wheel.
  • RE: iPod Nano gets new features

    SORRY...... MOTOROLA had this 1st.... Funny JUST came out with these features... MOTO ( GOOGLE) SUE..... I SWEAR, THIS sounds like a MOTOROLA RIP OFF: Motorola JUST said the same things 5 DAYS AGO!!!!