Is 3DTV the successor to HD?

Is 3DTV the successor to HD?

Summary: Media industry executives talk about the challenges bringing 3DTV to market and how long it will be before consumers are able to watch 3D in their living rooms without the aid of viewing glasses. The panel, moderated by Michael Stroud of iHollywood Forum, includes: Steve Shannon, executive vice president, RealD; Patrick Griffis, senior director, Dolby Laboratories; and Andrew Gellis, senior executive, Evergreen Films.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • 3D is such a joke

    I know this isn't the same thing, but didn't we learn our lesson with ABC's little exploration of 3D using the red and blue glasses in the 90's? 3D pictures don't really add anything to an average show or movie, it just tries unsuccessfully to make a picture look more impressive, and many times, it just adds stupidity to the story told.

    Movies and TV are more about telling a person stories, not making you think that you're actually part of the story. I think something like this would more likely be taken in by the video game market, not regular TV.
    • I can't really see this being the next new thing.

      I think you are exactly right. Gamers would eat this up but for the causual channel jumper this would be more of a hastle than a boon.
      Personally I think I'll wait for the full holodeck effect. It would be nice to walk up to a bubble headed pundit who presumes to tell me what I think and bust his chops without fear of repercusion.
  • RE: Is 3DTV the successor to HD?

    I have one eye. Will I ever be able to see 3d?
    • RE: Is 3DTV the successor to HD?

      Probably YES. I hope medical science will catch up and invent a 100% artificial eye which can communicate to the brain and work as a substitute for the eye that yo don't have. Then you will be able to see 3D
  • RE: Is 3DTV the successor to HD?

    I don't see this being the next big thing in television, especially since everybody has been upgrading to DTV tuners and HDTV in the past year. Besides, there isn't going to be very much content for quite a while. Turner Classic Movies won't look any better than it does on my HD set.
  • Not hard to see where this leads

    Imagine walking into your local Circuit City... Oops, wait, they're defunct now.
    Anyway, you're at best Buy looking for an HD Player...
    Uhm, that's defunct now.
    So, anyway, as I was saying, plasmas were once $20,000 on sale...
    No, that's not doing so well either...
    Well, come on now, every good tech idea sells and takes off doesn't it?
    Afterall, Beta was the coolest and best; laser discs were awesome; and well 3D TV has just as much going for it, than all these others. Imagine the possibilities: All the networks have to change over to 3D, now, after 10 years of postponements to finally get digitized.
    Everyone is so in a hurry to make their HD TVs obsolete, in a bear economy where bang for your buck is king; so, paying $20,000 is at the top of everyone's list right now.
    Oh, and you're having a Super Bowl party, and you've invited a few friends over. They have to all wear 3D glasses; and I'm sure there's 10 per set, for the entire family. Yeah, at $99 a pair; starting.
    Yep, I can see how this would take off... a lead balloon.
  • RE: Is 3DTV the successor to HD?

    When Beta and VHS battled for domination, that was a big thing. The ability to record television and buy movies for home viewing was great, but not the bees knees.

    Laser disc for music and video was a huge step forward. There was a group that said "what do we need that for? I just bought all my favorite movies on VHS. What do I do with my cassette tapes?"

    CD's took over the music industry and DVD's took over the movie industry.

    Then came digital copy. I started listening to mp3's 13 years ago. I knew then that someday, I would not have a need for a CD again and people thought I was crazy.

    Then came the HD-DVD v Blue Ray battle, completely fought out before most people knew what either one was. People still resist Blue Ray because they think it is some kind of conspiracy to get people to re-buy movies they already have.

    What most people don't seem to have figured out is that digital technology is different and can be "built upon". All blue ray drives / players that I know of will still play standard DVD's, so no I don't need to re-buy anything unless I want to.

    3DTV should be implemented in the same manner. Work it in and don't abandon the technologies already out there. In other words, if it is an "option", it will indeed be the next big thing. As a paradigm shift, it will fail.

    We all need to get used to the idea that things take time to happen and that we can transition from one thing to another without the sky falling and everybody complaining about the "setbacks". We have become spoiled somehow with the belief that everything must happen instantaneously and work perfectly every time without any effort.

    These are all just stepping stones to no end. Mere things that come and go and we make too much of a big deal about them. I will enjoy sharing pictures, conversation, music and movies with my family regardless of the media or format. I know which part is more important.

    3DTV will be the next big thing until the next big thing. Nothing to lose sleep over either way.
  • RE: Is 3DTV the successor to HD?

    I think could be, but not the same technology of 3d that we know right now. depending to use a pair of glasses to view tv? I don?t think so. Could be like the futuristics movies, that the 3d is in all enviorment. Another thing that it is matters is the change of all the structure in technology of the tv stations, or cable services. How many of them have HD transmitions?, if 3d is the next steps, maybe between 3 to 6 years could happen. bye