Microsoft highlights new devices at CES 2010

Microsoft highlights new devices at CES 2010

Summary: At CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer takes the stage and highlights some of the key devices and technologies the company will be launching in the coming year. He demos a new slate PC from HP running Windows 7 as well as some new Windows Mobile phones. Robbie Bach, the company's president of Entertainment and Devices, also talks about Microsoft's plan for Natal and announces a ship date of Christmas 2010.


Topics: Hardware, Microsoft, Mobile OS, Mobility, Operating Systems, Software, Windows

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  • new products?

    What new MicroSoft products did Ballmer announce? He did show three
    products from other companies. One only plays videos, one did seem to
    have a browser open and the HD product was a mock up with a static
    picture inside (you would have thought they would have centered the
    picture). Ballmer noted that the HP device was just slightly less portable
    then a phone but noticed that he had to use two hands to pick it up. Also
    had trouble imagining him putting it up to his ear to make a call. Well, I
    guess it would cut down on people using their phone while driving.
  • New Products... with Win7

    Good Job Microsoft. A full blown version of the OS, not like the iPad (a iPod touch on crack). Just think if Microsoft were to have wanted their Partners to use Windows Mobile 7 on those devices. Although still a lot more useful than the iPhone, iPod, iPad OS, think of the limits.

    Good Job Microsoft... and partners.