Microsoft unveils Spindex social-networking tool

Microsoft unveils Spindex social-networking tool

Summary: At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Lili Cheng, general manager of Microsoft's FUSE labs, demos the company's new social-networking aggregator. The new software features a social-feed stream, a "trending topics" section that goes a little deeper than the one Twitter offers, and the ability to bookmark items and add them as favorites.

TOPICS: Browser, CXO, Microsoft

Topics: Browser, CXO, Microsoft

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  • DOA

    is anybody still using M$ products?
    Linux Geek
    • not me!

      @American Hawk
      Linux Geek
    • me neither :)

      @American Hawk
  • MicrowartFace

    Is that a huge tumor growing oon her cheek?

    People should --not-- be wearing flesh-colored mics on their face it is very distracting. There was nothing wrong with tollar clip-ons and the earpiece can remain separate.

    We do have the technology