Microsoft unveils Windows Phone

Microsoft unveils Windows Phone

Summary: Microsoft's Robbie Bach gives details on a new platform called Windows Phone that features a mobile app store. The company also unveiled updates to Zune HD and Xbox 360, including the ability to stream HD video to Microsoft's gaming console.


Topics: Operating Systems, Hardware, Microsoft, Mobility, Software, Telcos, Windows

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  • What An Original Idea

    How do they do it?
  • RE: Microsoft unveils Windows Phone

    OMG, what are they doing?

    This could be the biggest flop since "Bob".
  • RE: Microsoft unveils Windows Phone

    Wow! Find my phone. That doesn't sound like something that Apple's
    already come out with.

    Seriously Microsoft? If you're going to live by the "good artist copy, great
    artist steal" mantra, you have to come out with it BEFORE the other guy
    does.'s not impressive.

    Another lame attempt from Microsoft.

    When they can get Project Natal up and running, THEN I'll be impressed.
    That's where the money's at guys.
    • I know this is and old article but here's my penny worth

      Agreed! I shelved my 360 for now but when Natal hits, I'll blow the dust off it.

      As far as the phone, I have the touch pro 2 (tilt 2) with wm7 (windows phone) and nothing on it is original. HTC has better app for it than MS. The market place installs the the app with extra text at it end of the apps name and there isn't that many good/great apps.

      I'd prefer it look like WM6.5 Pro but all-in-all, Its still better than iPhone.