Microsoft's Ballmer hints at Windows Phone 7 tablet

Microsoft's Ballmer hints at Windows Phone 7 tablet

Summary: At the Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando, Fla., Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talks to analysts about the possibility of a Windows Phone 7 tablet.


Topics: Software, Hardware, Laptops, Microsoft, Mobility, Operating Systems, Tablets, Windows

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  • Pitiful

    The day HP Slate is announced, Ballmer is already hedging his bets on a Windows 7 only tablet.

    Did you notice he was looking at his phone, just like in his commercials.
  • RE: Microsoft's Ballmer hints at Windows Phone 7 tablet

    Build a better iPad and the world will beat a path to your door. That means Windows Phone 7 with apps.
  • Why doesn't Microsoft just make it happen...

    And I really can't stand all this 'hinting at...' talk. Really, quit reading into stuff. Either Microsoft will make it happen or watch it happen. And we get to watch and buy if their stuff is good enough. But please, no more writing til they actually launch something notable.
    • RE: Microsoft's Ballmer hints at Windows Phone 7 tablet

      Totally agree.
      If you're going to read into it at all, you should see that he was hinting that Windows was on convergence of some sort. WP7 is a stop gap until they can get Windows 8 (or some near future version) to work across all devices.

      Then everything truly will be Windows.
  • RE: Microsoft's Ballmer hints at Windows Phone 7 tablet

    They got caught so flatfooted by Apple and ARM it's not even funny. Intel still has to prove it can make an ultra low power chip at a reasonable price/performance ratio and MS still has to prove it can create a thoroughly touch-based OS AND thoroughly touch-based apps AND not suck the life out of the battery in less than 5 hours. <br><br>Oh yea, and the OEMs have to decide to sweat blood for these MS mobile fantasies instead of chasing after "free" Android or Chrome or MeeGo or whatever.
  • RE: Microsoft's Ballmer hints at Windows Phone 7 tablet

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