Negroponte: Turn tablets into a 'constructionist medium'

Negroponte: Turn tablets into a 'constructionist medium'

Summary: Nicholas Negroponte touts the importance of tablets at Mobilize 2010 in San Francisco. The One Laptop Per Child founder says physical books are too expensive, take up too much space, and are hard to update for the developing world. He says the next step is for kids to use tablets to make things instead of just using the devices for consumption.


Topics: Tablets, Hardware, Laptops, Mobility

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  • RE: Negroponte: Turn tablets into a 'constructionist medium'

    The problem in Gaza is not lack of books. It has a fundamentalist military regime.
    There is strict control by the Hamas religious authorities (similar to the Taliban in Afghanistan) which monitor and censure knowledge. That is the real obstacle that kids seeking education in Gaza are facing today and it is not solved by a nice tablet.

    Be that as it may, other than the intoxicating smell of a freshly printed book, it makes perfect sense to push lightweight tablets to developing countries <i>as well as</i> industrialized countries.

    I wonder though if developing countries have the facilities to safely dispose of broken tablets containing toxic chemicals?
  • RE: Negroponte: Turn tablets into a 'constructionist medium'

    I can see the utility, I can see that it makes sense, but here is one bad point: History. Why were books burned in pre-WWII Germany? Because they were history. History and differences of opinion. When information is virtural, it can easily change. <br><br>When we say "History is written by the victors.", it would have never been so true as it will be.... 1984 on steroids.
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