Nurturing sales leads

Nurturing sales leads

Summary: Phil Fernandez, President and CEO of Marketo, says that many companies today are not managing sales leads effectively. He suggests ways to utilize the marketing department to monitor and motivate leads and encourage them into the sales cycle.


Topic: Enterprise Software

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  • RE: Nurturing sales leads

    Phil, You are SPOT ON with this video, wow, I really enjoyed it and I've sent the link to a few friends already. You are so right about the fact that 80% of all leads are neglected and I think it truly is due to the fact that you brought up, that "middle ground" inbetween the "hot leads" and "crappy leads,"(I don't think you used that terminology, but you get what I mean) is the most important yet most neglected territory in the business. Most people don't know how to handle those "lukewarm" leads" as I would call them, and your examples here are FANTASTIC, direct mail, direct marketing (email), telemarketing initiatives, all of this has to be implemented to have a successful business, TOTALLY agree!

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents thrown at it, but great job again Phil!
    Jeremiah R.
    Chairman & CEO