Online ad strategies

Online ad strategies

Summary: There are more than 300 ad networks that focus on monetizing Web sites, so having a strategy is key. Ren Chin, marketing vice president for Yieldbuild, says that Web site publishers should consider three factors in their overall strategy for bringing in revenue: ad network selection, ad layout, and reporting.


Topic: CXO

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  • RE: Online ad strategies

    Ren, What 3rd party company would you recommend for a "one stop solution" to all my online strategies, If I chose to use all 4 of those avenues like you were mentioning, along with like many other "targeted" local sites. I'm interested to get your opinion on this. Also, When your discussing placements - and many of these other companies you mentioned, that I've never heard of, like "valueclick" or "tribalfusion" do they simply manage Google/adwords and then place you on different "network placements" inside Google/adwords? Or are you talking about companies that are marketing to ENTIRELY different audiences, like local websites ( citysearch, yb, yellowpages, etc) and then of course your big company sites like manta, linkedin, etc... I'm a bit confused, even after watching that video 2wice and visiting the providers you suggested... Thanks in advance Ren!

    Cheers and nice video again,
    Jeremiah R.
    Chairman & CEO