Oracle CEO launches 'world's fastest database machine'

Oracle CEO launches 'world's fastest database machine'

Summary: At Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, HP CEO Mark Hurd joins Oracle CEO Larry Ellison via video conference to show a new hardware solution developed by the two tech companies. The HP Oracle Database Machine is pre-configured and certified to run Oracle's business intelligence apps and real application clusters. HP will provide hardware support and the machines will be ordered from Oracle.


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  • RE: Oracle CEO launches 'world's fastest database machine'

    I don think it's not a good option, new hardware is always too expensive, we should seek to speed up the server(s) by better topology, or better software designs and innovations, particulary for startups. For example A chinese Team is pushing a new type of software for large scale massive searching--- "LEXST" which can be scaled up to 20000 nodes, and return the query very quickly(they boasted they were 20 times quicker than oracle when handling identical data). of course, I think their "<a href=>Fastest DATABASE</a>" structure must be very simple. To overdo oracle is not so easy.