OS streaming

OS streaming

Summary: Sponsored: Christian Black, an IT systems engineer for Intel, spells out the many benefits of hard-drive virtualization, or operating system streaming, including faster boot times and longer desktop life.The content for this video was sponsored and provided by Intel.


Topics: Virtualization, CXO, Hardware, Operating Systems, Software, Storage

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  • OS streaming from Hewlett-Packard

    The concept of OS Streaming is not so new.
    HP propose an OS Streaming Technology named as HP Neoware Image Manager that can stream XP or Vista Environement into ThinClient or Traditional Desktops.
    The HP Technology is very "lite" and provide a full XP or Vista OS with only 60 to 100MB of data streamed during the Boot Process with an average of 2MB/s (The Boot Process can also be configure to bootup before User arrives at the office).
    In addition, the cost between a traditional Desktop and a full HP solution with Thin Client can be divided by 2 with the same level of user experience (Better Performance, All Application and peripherals supported if supported on XP/Vista) and a large improvement on PC Management.

    Quickspecs of the product is available on hp.com:
  • RE: OS streaming

    There is a good site that explain how OS Streaming works and the TCO and ROI generated by that solution :

    Have a look !
  • RE: OS streaming

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  • RE: OS streaming

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