Qwest CTO: Net neutrality, a two-sided issue

Qwest CTO: Net neutrality, a two-sided issue

Summary: Pieter Poll, CTO of Qwest believes that applications should only be controlled or blocked if there are legal implications. However, he says Qwest should be allowed to customize their service and provide what he calls a "two-sided business agreement" for the best user experience possible.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Working on the language

    I am not an extremist on Net Neutrality, but I expect that the majority of the public feels the same way that I do: I would rather that I decide how my pipe is used than to have corporations partnering to favor one thing over another.

    This video seems to be Qwest and the other ISPs working on developing the language to talk about Net Neutrality without talking about Net Neutrality. A "Two-sided business model" means a way for them to make money from both sides of their pipe. I am not convinced that they have our best interests in mind. What would the response be? Paging George Lakoff!