RSA chief puts his trust in the cloud

RSA chief puts his trust in the cloud

Summary: At the RSA 2011 conference in San Francisco, RSA Chief Art Coviello talks about various cloud computing challenges businesses face today. He says companies need to start leveraging virtualization technologies to help establish control and visibility over clouds.


Topics: Hardware, CXO, Cloud, Storage, Virtualization

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  • If it sounds too good to be true....

    The harder they try to sell you son something, the less likely its something that will be worth it in the end. Too much money and pay-offs go on to trust anything that is this heavily pushed by so many in the upper levels. By that I mean board members and directors as well as project leads. Too many have raised valid concerns about the Cloud for everyone to just embrace it.

    The way it will play out is like this:

    A small percentage will get on board willingly with a sizeable number in addition after being coerced into it thru Government incentives (friendly and unfriendly incentives).

    The last batch of Cloud converts will be forced into the cloud by the government under the guise that the cloud will work but only if all are in it and so those not volunteering to get on board will have to be forced for the benefit of those already in the cloud.

    This is how government and its richly connected campaign contributors move more from the private sector of the many into the private hands of the few. How can people not see the con game the cloud push is? Let?s not forget that SONY, a giant in the industry and global leader in business, electronics in particular, just had their PSN network taken down because they were using old/outdated software, verified by an investigator and reported on at this very website. How many more outdated software systems are running and managing the cloud and simply have not yet been discovered ?

    Big business will go on the cheap whenever possible and the management of the cloud will be no different. Unlike Operating Systems which a company can switch between (even if it is expensive to do so) the move to the cloud will be a one-way ticket eventually if not sooner.