Sony unveils new Windows 7 Vaio PCs

Sony unveils new Windows 7 Vaio PCs

Summary: Just in time for the launch of Windows 7, Sony throws a party for the new additions to its Vaio lineup, from touch-screen all-in-ones to pencil-thin luxury laptops.


Topics: Software, Hardware, Microsoft, Operating Systems, Windows

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  • Sony; Reliability and abysmal service????

    If you value reliability, good service and your business, I would NOT even
    touch Sony with a barge pole, hope this saves others from serious down-time when using VAIOs for business. I am absolutely convinced Sony
    VAIO is designed to fail and a complete rip-off. They should be avoided
    for their lousy and incompetent customer service, especially in Europe.
    Once it BSODs you have an expensive brick, go with a manufacturer that *tries* to back up their products, it?s a scandal the way Sony handled the GPU problem.
  • TRUTH!

    Who needs a MB Air when you can have this!
    Ballmer says so on his blog: