Speeding up construction on ‘green’ homes

Speeding up construction on ‘green’ homes

Summary: At Greentech Media’s Green Building Summit at SRI International in Menlo Park, Calif., Serious Material Chairman Marc Porat discusses the challenges associated with building "green" residential homes. He believes it’s important for the green industry to persuade governments to mandate environmentally sustainable buildings in order to speed up construction.


Topics: CXO, Government, Government US

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  • "mandates"

    Typical cry from the earth shoe community - "our technology is expensive, has questionable value and is therefore unmarketable - so please mandate it because we know we're right"

    • unmarketable???

      Nah...just raise taxes, skyrocket consumeables and tax alcohol and cigarettes even more and put those higher taxes on cellfones and internet use lol

      Creeping Critter
  • RE: Speeding up construction on ?green? homes

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  • RE: Speeding up construction on ?green? homes

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