Steve Jobs retrospective

Steve Jobs retrospective

Summary: Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple marks the end of an era. Come with us on a journey through the ups and downs of his career. From the development of the first Mac in 1984 to the unveiling of the iPhone and iPad, Jobs has changed the face of an industry.

TOPICS: CXO, Apple, Hardware

Topics: CXO, Apple, Hardware

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  • RE: Steve Jobs retrospective

    Why flash!? Can't watch his on my iPad...
    • Oh the irony ..

      @mattconnolly .. of it all. You've single handedly shown, despite all Apple's incredible achievements, what a little pig headed, stubborness can do to a platform by closing avenues to interoperability.

      [i]" ... Why flash!? Can't watch his on my iPad... "[/i]

      ... say no more.
    • RE: Steve Jobs retrospective

      @mattconnolly you can download necessary plugin a flash player. After that it'll play without problem.
      <a href="" rel="muse">cep</a>
  • RE: Steve Jobs retrospective

    He is real good man changed our lifes. I can see after many years. He added big value human kind. We can only be thankful for him for his early dids. The video truely shows it in front of our eyes.<br><a href="" title="wmaraci">wmaraci</a>
  • RE: Steve Jobs retrospective

    Wow, Steve Jobs died today. Much as I disliked the man, he made quite a mark on the world with his ideas.

    And I wouldn't have a business if not for those ideas.

    Flying Chipmunk Publishing
  • RE: Steve Jobs retrospective

    Now we can all get flash on our iPads