Steve Jurvetson: Green nano solutions

Steve Jurvetson: Green nano solutions

Summary: At the AlwaysOn GoingGreen conference in Sausalito, Calif., Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson describes the acceleration of computer and genetic technology through Moore's law, and then outlines nature-inspired methods for building nanotech. He also explains why decoding DNA from the ocean is important to green tech's future.


Topics: Emerging Tech, Hardware, Processors

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  • Absolutely ridiculous job of journalism.

    Thanks for not showing the slides that the speaker was displaying to the audience.
  • RE: Steve Jurvetson: Green nano solutions

    Steve makes valid points for our future that most people will see come to light.
    wind and solar power has far superior qualities due to the simple fact there are no harmful effects.

    Our Company agrees with making our planet earth as (Green) and pure as it was in the beginning.

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