The Countdown to Windows 8

The Countdown to Windows 8

Summary: The finishing touches are being put on the code and Windows 8 is just about ready for prime time...or is it? There are still lots of questions around the new Metro UI, the Start Menu and support for the Windows OS's of the recent past. Join host Jonas Tichenor along with Windows experts and authors Ed Bott and Rafael Rivera as they breakdown Microsoft's latest offering as it prepares to hit the market.

TOPICS: Windows

Topic: Windows

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  • Upcoming Vista

    Windoze 8 is a new Vista in the making, it's gonna fall harder than Vista
    • Yawn

      Zzzz. Zzzz. Zzzz.
      William Farrel
    • Maybe an Upcoming OSX

      Actual OS usage in the past year (2011-2012) has more Vista users than OSX (all variants).
  • My opinion

    What I've heard in this broadcast is that Win8 is primarily aimed at commercial users with music, sports, etc. but no concern for the business environment. Business use of the Windows operating system is and has been the 'cash cow' for Microsoft. Win8 moves aways from anything new for business users...a bad idea, in my opinion.
    • Now or in 2 releases

      Not bad numbers and only 40% of corporations on Windows 7, there is room for growth (of those planning to upgrade). Windows 8 will not be a make or break product, IMHO. Now is a good time to try some new things, expand scope, dump or reframe legacy, and get developers trained and up to speed. I figure Win 7 life is ~6 years, Win 8, similar to Vista and then Win 9 will be the lessons learned product. Win 8 only needs to not screw up too badly.