The Future Of...Parking

The Future Of...Parking

Summary: Parking can be a real hassle, whether you're fumbling for change for the meter or just trying to find an empty spot. San Francisco-based Streetline has developed networking and sensor technologies that enable users to pay their meter fees from their mobile phones. ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das explains how the company's technology could change the way we park.


Topics: Mobility, Hardware, Telcos

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  • New?

    While the sensor technology is usually not used, paying for street parking with SMS is already very common in most West European cities. We have it since about 2 years.

    Here in Antwerp, Belgium, about 20% of people pay their parking ticket via an SMS.

    See (click on EN in the top navigation to change the language to English).
    • ...

      We have it long time here in Croatia. And it is called m-parking.
      I found next in wikipedia (
      "... The first commercial payments were mobile parking trialled in Sweden but first commercially launched in Norway in 1999. ..."
  • Future of parking

    In Belgium is it already more then 5 years possible to pay youre parking with youre phone.
  • RE: Future of...parking

    Nothing new here. It is being used in several countries in Europe for several tears.
  • RE: Future of...parking

    If you want new, check out Skymeter in the City of Winnipeg: that's true new parking technology. No phonecalls. No buttons. Just a bill at the end of the month.
  • Future for some, present for others

    It is nice to see that the US are catching up with Croatia: cell-phone parking payment has been an option in Zagreb, the country capital, for the last 10 years or so.
  • RE: Future of...parking

    Im from Estonia and I must admit that we have mobile
    parking for about 10 years already. We are already
    exporting the tehcnology to other countries e.g. Belgium.
  • RE: Future of...parking

    What if you don't use a cell phone ?
  • RE: Future of...parking

    What if you do not use or own a cell phone ? And never
    plan to too.
  • RE: Future of...parking

    I think if you too busy looking at your phone checking
    for parking spaces, you may have a new problem of accidents.
  • RE: Future of...parking

    Switzerland has had that system for years now, its hardly new or emerging technology.
  • No future for parking

    London has been trialling this for years..however one lesson leant like ..the poor can't afford smart phones so call centres are the only option..this is cost and unwelcome burocracy..parking meters are been stolen at an alarming rate as the price of precious metals goes up..anything with chips in are welcome by theives.Remember city centres are now dieing due to parking charges..the future is free parking again
    The Management consultant
  • RE: Future of...parking

    Cool concept, but what if you are not stupid enough to own an iPhone or complete distrust Google so that you have completely blocked Google? I guess you would have to do things the old fashioned way.
  • RE: Future of...parking

    I don't drive, so I wont have a parking problem! :)
  • RE: Future of...parking

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