The future of VoIP: CoIP

The future of VoIP: CoIP

Summary: Madhu Yarlagadda from Yahoo says that text, voice and video are converging over the same set of protocols used by VoIP and that Instant Messenger will be the application that enables users to seamlessly move between them -- creating 'CoIP', communications over IP.


Topics: Collaboration, Browser, Networking, Telcos, Unified Comms, Social Enterprise

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  • RE: The future of VoIP: CoIP

    Madhu - If this were a peer review I would say I agree with your projections of COIP. There is one thing you should think about though; the collaboration of Voice, Video and Text over RTP/SIP will culminate into "Instant Communications" not "Instant Messaging" as you projected. Instant Messaging is the delivery mechanism today of text (email is another area).

  • RE: The future of VoIP: CoIP

    whats new ? forgot "unified" ?
    Dallas DOC
  • RE: The future of VoIP: CoIP

    So isn't VOIP-COIP technically the same thing, one being standard landline phones, as in VOIP, and COIP being mobile use of internet routing calls from cell phone to landline, convert to VOIP, complete call?

    I use and save a ton of money and with advances in technology, the problems with first VOIP of three years ago is long gone. I know not many companies are offering both VOIP and COIP yet, but 1ButtonToWiFi is one of pioneers.