The Green Enterprise: California Academy of Sciences

The Green Enterprise: California Academy of Sciences

Summary: Since 1853, the California Academy of Sciences has been considered one of the world's most respected institutions. Now more than 150 years later, it's continuing to lead by example, showcasing how a museum can be environmentally sustainable from the ground up. Correspondent Sumi Das looks at the green innovations inside, including a living roof that helps reduce energy use, a solar energy installation that cuts down on carbon emissions in the atmosphere, and a building management system that manages temperature and humidity throughout the building.

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  • What's so green about spending $480m on a new building?

    I love the Academy of Science and have been a member for many years. I
    miss the old building because it had more exhibits, rooms and charm
    than this building. And it was more affordable, this one costs $25 to go
    in and has less than before. But apart from that why is this building
    touted so highly for its green and sustainable systems? It cost $480m to
    build but it has grass on the roof and some light wells and has a better
    management of air conditioning (btw, this is San Francisco, we hardly
    ever need to use air conditioning.

    What's so green and sustainable about a $480m building? A mud hut in
    Africa is greener.
  • RE: The Green Enterprise: California Academy of Sciences

    Margot Roosevelt wrote in the Los Angeles Times that, "For all its theatricality, what makes the Academy even more unusual is its uncompromising stance on climate change." ("A museum that shouts climate change," Jan. 14). "This is a museum with a point of view. It all but shouts at the visitor: 'Do something about it!'" Link: