The Green Enterprise: Intel

The Green Enterprise: Intel

Summary: On the next installment of The Green Enterprise, CNET's Michael Kanellos looks at how Intel is developing green technologies for its customers and within its own organization. Innovations include ultra-lower power 45nm chips, greening its fab operations in China, Arizona and Israel; and developing non-toxic materials for packaging and designing its chips. Kanellos also sits down with Lorie Wigle, Intel's eco-tech program office general manager and discusses the chipmaker's sustainability strategy and her views on reducing power inside the datacenter.


Topics: Processors, Data Centers, Hardware, Intel, Networking, Storage

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  • I don't think so

    Intel has not been concerned about the environment "long before" now, just look at the Pentium 4 it was the hottest most powerconsumping cpu EVER and they were selling it for over 5 years.

    Now they have an energy efficient design so of course they are going to act like they are concerned for the extra P.R.
  • RE: The Green Enterprise: Intel

    Go Green is good opinion, please do what ever to come clean and put it first option!!!
  • RE: The Green Enterprise: Intel

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  • RE: The Green Enterprise: Intel

    Human should have enough brain not to kill himself and i support green energy for this reason.
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