The power of Facebook's 'Like' button

The power of Facebook's 'Like' button

Summary: At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Facebook's Paul Buchheit talks about short-form communication on Facebook and how the 'Like' button is a good example of a quick and lightweight application that allows users to engage more easily with their friends. Buchheit says, "We think that's the future of upcoming communication mediums."


Topics: Social Enterprise, Browser

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  • RE: The power of Facebook's 'Like' button

    Well it would be great if I could see the video. For some reason, only the ad plays.???
    Please help. Thanks.
    • RE: The power of Facebook's 'Like' button

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  • The Power of Firefox Adblock

    It gets rid of that ridiculously annoying Facebook "Like" button with no hassles. Makes for a much cleaner less spying web experience.

    Thank you Firefox Adblock!