VMware chief sees the end of the traditional OS

VMware chief sees the end of the traditional OS

Summary: At the VMworld conference in San Francisco, VMware CEO Paul Maritz anticipates the changing role of the operating system. Maritz says that, increasingly, hardware coordination and software abstract services are moving to virtual layers and that the traditional OS is becoming just one component of the virtual framework.


Topics: Software, Hardware, Operating Systems, Virtualization, VMware

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  • Nope

    This has been said before. Remember Netscape. The problem is that there must be an underlying structure for hardware interaction and drivers. Something like Chrome OS may be the future but under the hood it's still an OS.
  • RE: VMware chief sees the end of the traditional OS

    I can only really see this happening in a big server farm environment. Haven't seen the video yet, but IMO doing complete virtualization on a consumer level OS would be a waste of resources.

    I can see some virtualization to provide backwards compatibility, but other than that it's kinda useless on consumer OSes. On the server it might make more sense.
  • Oft repeated and very old "prediction"

    It's like the periodic predictions of the internet collapsing under it's own weight. Blah, blah, blah.

    Remember thin clients? They're still around, but by no means have the replaced the traditional OS. It seems the traditional OS is becoming even more of a factor, not less.