Walt Mossberg: What's new in tech this holiday season?

Walt Mossberg: What's new in tech this holiday season?

Summary: At a Churchill Club event, ZDNet talked with Wall Street Journal personal technology columnist Walt Mossberg. He showed us some new gadgets for the holidays, including the new Barnes & Noble Nook; Bayer's new USB-enabled diabetic monitor; the iLane, a portable e-mail messaging device for your car; and the Acer Netbook running Google's Android OS.


Topics: Browser, Android, Collaboration, Enterprise Software, Google, Hardware, Mobility, Software, Social Enterprise

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  • A physician answers

    I think the USB glucometer is a great idea. Thanks Bayer! I thnk we need USB blood pressure cuffs... and actually BP and heart monitors that wirelessley talk to your PC which monitors and records your heartbeats. Is anyone listening?
    Also an APP which integrates all your healthcare information so you can zap it to your doctor or ER personnel as you walk into a healthcare facility would be much appreciated Apple? are you listening?

    As a physician I would love it if there was an easy way I could give the patient their DICOM CD of images that are created by my super duper MRI machines and have them go right into their iphone or Apple Tablet. And have a simple app where they can see their own images. I create all the reports in word format so I would be happy to be able to beam or send them their reports via email.

    Patients do not realize that their old MRI or xray study can be invaluable 10 years later when they find a funny bump on their kidney or a funny vessel. The old images are by law only kept for 7 years but a patient can hold them in their computer or tablet forever.

    Please make these tools available soon for the rest of us!