Where will the cloud be in five years?

Where will the cloud be in five years?

Summary: At the Always On Silicon Valley Innovation Summit panel titled "Money Falling from the Cloud," Virtustream's Rodney Rogers and Zuora's Tien Tzuo explain how they think consumers and the enterprise will leverage the cloud in the future.


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  • RE: Where will the cloud be in five years?

    It should be dead and gone within 3. Dumbest idea ever and if you take your business onto it your an idiot.
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      Totally agree. I would never put my indor for storage on the cloud. I reae the EULA and so many of them read as if the cloud company can use your info any way they care to and my info is not out there for them to use; it is there for me to use only and I do not feel secure in keeping it that way with all the hackers out there in the world.
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    The cloud is inescapable. Corporate's best defense is still to maintain an IT staff and keep a required number of servers off the internet with daily backups. Yes, it's archaic, but it's safe. With a well informed IT dept, it shouldn't even be an issue.
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      If we were in fantasy land your idea would be correct but almost all IT guys can not stop true hackers. If a real hacker wants in they will get in and you do not have direct control of the server so you have to trust the cloud provider and if they support more then one company get in line for help and info.
  • RE: Where will the cloud be in five years?

    The cloud in five years will be going away like the main frame and dumb terminals of years ago.
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  • RE: Where will the cloud be in five years?

    I appreciate technology in all forms, but the Cloud makes me nervous for more than the issues mentioned.

    Having not to rely on a piece of personal hardware in theory is a great idea, and using the Cloud based technology would seem at first a good thing for product makers, who could make machines smaller and run faster without all the stored data, but what if... the cloud goes down?

    This is my major concern; what happens when the Cloud goes down; where and what happens to all your stored information and work?

    When the Cloud goes out, there goes your data! And how will you back up the Cloud?

    SUPPOSEDLY your information is said to be more secure with the Cloud, but how? Server go down all the time, and I for one am happy that backing up my personal hard-drive assures me that, that can never happen.

    Cause, if the Cloud could and does ever go down or offline, that could really rain on someone's computing parade!

    It's great as a new trend, but in five years, something better should be created that gives users more assurance over their data, instead of just being, "out there."
  • RE: Where will the cloud be in five years?

    Five years from now... if consumers and IT-professionals are any indication... I'd say... "Cloud Computing" will still be pretty much where it is today.

    ...About, five-years away from dominating the IT-environment... in replacing stand-alone, user-owned, and user-controlled, IT-devices/capabilities.

    This slow-uptake will still be due to extreme consumer, and common-sense, resistance to the overwhelming negative consequences of surrendering to complete, perpetual-payment, external, corporate-control of our IT-use (not to mention the very real social, security, and reliability, issues).

    Just, an observation.
  • RE: Where will the cloud be in five years?

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  • I hope &quot;Cloud&quot; is gone from our vocabulary five years from now.

    I hate the term. A stupid buzz word that explains nothing.