Who will benefit most from the cloud?

Who will benefit most from the cloud?

Summary: At the OpenSource World event in San Francisco, Lew Tucker, vice president and CTO of cloud computing at Sun Microsystems, explained that many developing countries are skipping over acquiring their own servers and going right to the cloud. Because of the cost effectiveness, the move may spur their economies and create jobs. This could also hold true for the U.S. government, currently creating its own cloud as well.


Topics: Banking, Cloud, Government, Hardware, Open Source, Virtualization

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  • Only those offering to sell space on it....

    Otherwise it is a security nightmare that I wouldn't trust anything on unless it was highly encrypted to the point of super-computing power to break the encyption.

    Cloud this...Cloud that... It's just an insecure means to sell data space.

    So who would benefit the most?
    Only those companies offering it for sale.