Will economic downturn push companies into the cloud?

Will economic downturn push companies into the cloud?

Summary: At the TechCrunch Cloud Computing Roundtable in Mountain View, Calif., Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com, explains why he thinks Microsoft's entry into the business will bring validation to the cloud. Many CTOs, he says, still need to be convinced that using software as a service will save them money and move their companies toward the future. Moderator: Steve Gillmor, editor of TechCrunchIT.


Topics: Cloud, Data Centers, Emerging Tech, Enterprise Software, Microsoft

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  • Microsoft is scum...why give them money???? (NT)

    No More Microsoft Software Ever!
  • RE: Will economic downturn push companies into the cloud?

    God, if everyone stored their stuff on CENTRAL CLOUD 1-and it
    ran Windows-say goodbye to all personal and proprietary info
    inside of 10 minutes;
    LOL! Pure Blasphemy:
  • simple equations

    Economic downturn = less money.
    Less money = need less employees.
    Less employees = save money.
    Save money = use the cloud instead.
    Use the cloud instead + less employees = less knowledge.
    Less knowledge = more risk.
    More risk = negotiate discount or better SLAs. (meh!)
    Better SLAs = more leverage with lawyers when you company goes down the pan.

    Enjoy your cloud experience. MS, google et al (cloud suppliers), will simply laugh behind your back. THis cloud has a silver ting in it and it's not called a lining - it's called the 20oz hammer that smacks you between the eyes; you may be lucky and end up in hospital.
  • No simpler & MS long time in cloud

    MS is not new to the cloud. This is just the MS launch of the new level of MS cloudware products. Yeah the cloudware is open to a larger customer base each time and MS is getting pretty close to waht they think is an everyone solution.

    No new SIMPLICITY. ROI has been the first marketing presentation point in the MS power point slide show for 10-15 years. Bad economics may put a little more emphasis on ROI than better data exploitation and interconnection with customers...

    However, the BIGGEST questions for cloud computing remain: (1) total dependence on sometimes flaky Internet backbone (no Internet and you can do little to nothing even if phones or production are still otherwise working); (2) control of data (especially federal privacy regulations and loss customizable security vs hacking); (3) limitations on level of service efforts (loss of ability to incrementally spend more money to get faster fixes and 3rd party consultations); and (4) loss of efficient custom business programming (limited selection of business suites -- 1-3 size must fit all.