Would you switch to the Motorola Cliq?

Would you switch to the Motorola Cliq?

Summary: At Mobilize 09, ZDNet Senior Editor Sam Diaz grabs his Flip cam and asks show attendees if the new Motorola Cliq is compelling enough to make them want to switch from their current mobile device.

TOPICS: Mobility, Wi-Fi

Topics: Mobility, Wi-Fi

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  • cell phone reception

    It seems all anyone, corp. Mfr's, carriers, Sales care about is "bells and whistles"...sell every service whether the customer wants or needs it. But if the customer doesn't live or work under a tower he might not get any reception. If you live in the fringe or "out in the sticks" you probably won't be able to get a signal. With same carrier,then ?Alltel?, my Nokia 6255i out received everyone else regardless of phone or carrier especially out in the sticks. My new Motorola VE20 is not half as good as the Nokia. All the sales people can tell you is sign up and try it and if you don't like it try another. Not sure what they will say after you have tried all 10 or 20 phones. Almost no one can help with this issue.
    Why can't someone test (measure signal and listen to hear for understanding) these phones under identical conditions for transmission and reception. That would help millions of people who don't live under a tower. How about adding this to your testing and reviews? This would at least tell us which one had best reception under test conditions and which not to look at. I know many people who can't get a signal at home and they aren't that far out. Frustrating!!!! Is anyone listening?
  • RE: Would you switch to the Motorola Cliq?

    not in a million years
    Black Barack
  • RE: Would you switch to the Motorola Cliq?

    I won't use anything that can't sychronize e-mail, contacts & Calendar with MS Outlook. I don't want any 3rd party apps that do an incomplete synch as an additional layer.....in short, heck no.